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I have a question regarding Form W-2G. Can I use my win/loss statement from the casino which shows a loss of about $5000 instead of my W-2G which shows winnings for the year of around $10,000. I know I put most of that back in so the win/loss statement loss is more accurate. These are approximate numbers. Federal Form W-2G Instructions - eSmart Tax File Form W-2G, Certain Gambling Winnings, to report gambling winnings and any federal income tax withheld on those winnings. The requirements for reporting and withholding depend on the type of gambling, the amount of the gambling winnings, and generally the ratio of the winnings to the wager. File W-2G with the IRS. Federal Certain Gambling Winnings - TaxFormFinder Box 4. Any federal income tax withheld on these winnings is shown in this box. Federal income tax must be withheld on certain winnings less the wager. Certain winnings that are not subject to regular gambling withholding may be subject to backup withholding if you did not provide your federal identification number to the payer.

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Tax Dictionary - Form W-2G, Certain Gambling Winnings | H ... the type of gambling, the amount of the gambling winnings, and; generally, the ratio of the winnings to the wager. More from H&R Block. If you receive a Form W-2G for gambling winnings, you must report the full amount of income shown on the W-2G on your tax return. The W-2G will also show any federal and state income tax withheld from your ... Federal W-2G (Certain Gambling Winnings) - 2018 Federal ... A W-2G must be submitted if you have obtained certain gambling winnings within the past year. The payer must furnish a Form W-2G to you if you receive: 1. $1,200 or more in gambling winnings from bingo or slot machines; 2. $1,500 or more in winnings (reduced by the wager) from keno; 3. Request for W2-G Statement for Certain Gambling Winnings

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Federal — Instructions for Forms W-2G and 5754, Certain ... Download or print the 2018 Federal (Instructions for Forms W-2G and 5754, Certain Gambling Winnings and Statement by Person(s) Receiving Gambling Winnings) (2018) and other income tax forms from the Federal Internal Revenue Service.

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It’s all reported to the IRS on Form W-2G, Statement for Recipients of Certain Gambling Winnings. The general rule: Payments of $600 or more must be reported by the payer. Exceptions: Bingo payments of $1,200 or more and Keno payments of $1 …

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